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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  March 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. cal students spending the night in jail. how protests over budgeted cuts turn heated at uc-berkeley. >> plus, three days, several revelations. who is taking the stand this morning in the final day of testimony about the san bruno blast. good morning. it is thursday, the 3rd of march. i'm sydnie kohara. >> we are getting towards the weekend, folks. hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 4:30. and we'll kick it off with weather and traffic. and i guess, you have an umbrella handy? throw it in the car because you will need it today. >> yeah. keep that with you today. we are seeing some showers outside right now. take a look. you can see the scattered showers nothing really widespread. but out along the peninsula we
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are seeing this cell making its way onshore. if you are traveling in that direction, more rain on the way and it's going to be like that all day long. scattered showers and a little mix of sunshine in between. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> even despite wet rainy weather throughout to start the morning commute, not much going on, relatively problem-free this morning. here's a live look at the bay bay. you can see a little puddling in the middle lanes but no big problems heading into san francisco overall. same thing across the san mateo bridge. we have areas of overnight roadwork. we'll tell you where those spots are coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. three protestors have court hearings this morning after their arrests last night at uc- berkeley. anne makovec joins us now from the campus where actually 17 people were arrested last night. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. three out of the 17 people arrested are still in jail this morning. we know that all of the 17 were
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accused of trespassing. and some of them were also accused of resisting officers' orders. here was the scene last night of a mostly peaceful protest at the campus. it is all part of a national day of action protesting the increasing cost of a college education. hundreds of people gathering outside of wheeler hall here at uc-berkeley. and then they moved inside wheeler hall at about 9:30 last night sheriff's officers and campus police warned them that the building was going to be closing in a half hour and then at 10 p.m., they came in and arrested the 17 people who refused to leave. overall, though, the demonstrations were described as nonviolent but impassioned. >> the governor is trying to cut away the future of public education for millions of students in california. >> reporter: and there were protests going on yesterday as well in san francisco other states. locally, san francisco state
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and san jose state university also participated and there was a set of issues down at san jose state, as well. apparently, some protestors were blocking the faculty parking lot during the day of action. we haven't heard of any arrests going on there. again, three protestors from uc- berkeley expected to be in court this morning. sydnie. >> but all quiet now. >> reporter: yes. >> thank you very much, anne makovec at uc-berkeley. the national transportation safety board hearing into the san bruno pipeline explosion wraps up today. engineers and pipeline experts on the witness list today. san bruno's fire chief testified yesterday that had he no idea there was a gas transmission line under his town prior to the explosion that killed eight people. >> the fire department was only aware -- we thought the gas distribution system was what serviced the city of bruin.
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we did not know -- city of san bruno. we didn't know there was a transmission line through the city until after the incident. >> the board also heard from pg&e supervisors who testified that automatic shutoff valves were not necessary. >> had those things went off within 10 minutes a lot more damage could have been prevented around this area. and maybe he would feel different if his family was running away from something like that. so maybe they should think about that. >> ntsb investigators said a lack of public awareness about pipelines under their communities has been a recurring problem in accidents. christin ayers will have a live report on what's coming up in today's hearing at 5:00. it is 4:34. a leader of a white supremacist movement in california is dead. 40-year-old david lynch was shot to death in his home near sacramento early yesterday. a fellow skinhead is under arrest for that killing. antidefamation league had been watching lynch for more than 20 years and connected him with a number of hate crimes involving
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various minority victims. >> just because he is gone doesn't mean someone else will take up where he left off. >> lynch led a group called the american front which formed in san francisco when he was a teenager. he was once involved in a brawl on the geraldo show. you may remember the episode when geraldo broke his nose. u.s. supreme court says you may not like the church group that goes around and demonstrates at military funerals, but they do have the right to do it. justices ruled 8-1 yesterday in favor of that westboro baptist church kansas-based group which makes headlines for demonstrating outside of fun raffles fallen u.s. servicemembers claiming god is punishing the military for the the nation's tolerance of homosexuality. the moammar qaddafi is going on the counter offensive in the eastern part of the
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country controlled by anti- government rebels. today warplanes struck an oil port. it appears the target was an airstrip that belongs to an oil complex on the mediterranean coast. in a nearby town, health officials say 14 people have died in fighting between rebels and government forces. opposition leaders are pleading for foreign powers to launch air strikes to help oust qaddafi, who has been in power for more than four decades. the white house keeping up pressure on qaddafi to resign as some members of congress are calling for a no-fly zone over libya but the obama administration isn't ready to rush into anything just yet. >> call a spade a spade. a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya. >> speaking before a cheering crowd yesterday, qaddafi warned against any intervention. he said if the u.s. or other countries step in, they will, quote, drown in blood.
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egypt's [ indiscernible ] stepped down according to reports from the egyptian military. former air force officer was named prime minister by ousted president hosni mubarak. the resignation meets a demand of protestors. it is 4:37 on a thursday. the actions of several undercover officers all being questioned this morning after a drug raid at a san francisco residential hotel. they are accused of police misconduct and even perjury. two incidents captured on surveillance video here in the fifth floor hallway of the henry hotel. the first one the public defender says the cops barged in without permission. >> talking about violation of constitutional rights and officers who lie about violating these rights. >> in the second video the officers enter a hallway and a
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cop puts his hand over the camera. a woman says she was coerced to let them in while the camera was blocked. investigations have been launched. two new arrests in the murder of a jewelry store owner. a homeless woman has been charged with homicide. she and a man also face burglary charges. police officer discovered the body tuesday night while checking up on lynn magnuson's well-being. police say he may have been killed several days earlier. one of the candidates for mayor in san francisco officially kicks off her campaign tonight. michelle alioto filing the papers last month to run for the office. the former san francisco supervisor plans to start her campaign at alioto's restaurant at fisherman's wharf at 6:00 tonight. caltrain will hold two public hearings today on plans to deal with its financial crisis. one hearing will deal with cost- cutting proposals that will
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sharply reduce service and close several stations including all of the stations south of the san jose diridon station. the other hearing will deal with the declaration of a fiscal emergency. both meetings will be at caltrain offices in san carlos. let's get a quick look at the weather and traffic situation at this hour. and kick it off to lawrence karnow. a little misty out there. >> come on, lawrence, give us some sunshine today, please? ?? come on! >> doesn't sound right, huh, on a thursday? that's what's happening we may squeeze in a little sunshine in between the clouds but you can see out there it's not a huge rain event but if you get caught under one of these cells you will be wet as it moves in along the peninsula and south san francisco toward daly city, pacifica and burlingame. and so we are going to see this type pattern throughout the day today. so you will see on and off scattered light showers outside and then some occasional sunny breaks a little bit of both worlds around the bay area. light showers on tap as you have the jet stream still plunging across the bay area so yeah, going to keep things unsettled so if you are heading
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out this morning you want to bring that umbrella and the sunglasses, too. clouds, a few scattered light showers temperatures not all that bad mainly in the 40s and 50s. by the afternoon rather mild. 50s and 60s, partly cloudy skies. a little more sunshine toward the afternoon, a slight chance of a few more showers. let's get a check of that traffic with elizabeth. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. yesterday, we really busy at this time yesterday morning and just not the case today. pretty quiet out there. we have some areas of overnight roadwork, still wrapping up. not quite done yesterday. across the dumbarton sounds like eastbound 84 at menlo park from university avenue towards the decline. the opposite direction towards the toll plaza, everything is moving fine there towards the dumbarton bridge toll plaza. 880 through oakland nice and quiet past the coliseum. no issues hayward to downtown oakland. marin county same thing nice stretch of southbound 101 from sonoma county all the way down to marin.
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here's a live look at traffic across the golden gate bridge. they should be doing the lane change here any minute but we'll show you a drive time. southbound highway 3 to 580 still about an 8-minute drive through that stretch of 101 and mass transit is off to a nice start for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic and your weather. back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth and lawrence, he is going to parcel out that sunshine a little bit once in a while. >> the sunshine, all right, but the rain? come on. >> i know. it's not that bad. you're not shoveling snow. >> i have to stop complaining. >> you know, you should. after three weeks, no snow. a bay area city named one of the rudest places in the world. >> a year without the touchdown? there are only a few hours left to save the next football
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season. >> we're being generous. >> apple goes all out. steve jobs returns with an ipad that's better than ever. we'll tell you when you can get your hands on it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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still quite a few clouds around the bay area, chance of scattered showers, temperatures mild in the 50s and the 60s. we'll let you know when we expect to dry out coming up. 4:44 on a thursday. and it is official. the ipad 2 will hit stores next friday. but it was a surprise appearance of steve jobs that stole the show at yesterday's unveiling. [ applause and cheers ] >> thanks for coming. [ applause and cheers ] >> thank you. [ applause and cheers ] >> whoo! [ whistling, cheer ] [ applause and cheers ] >> >> quite the ovation there. of course, jobs on medical leave since january. tabloid stories have reported
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jobs was near death. apple stock rose as soon as jobs took the stage yesterday. he kept his focus on the new product which is thinner, faster with two cameras. >> 65,000 apps specifically tailored for the ipad. now, that compares to our competitors who are trying to launch these days with at most 100 apps. [ laughter ] >> and i think we're being a little generous here. >> well, the new ipad goes on sale next week at the same price as the original, about $500 for their lower end models. a lot of sports fans breaking out in a cold sweat, right, frank in the nfl's lockout deadline approaching fast. players and owners only have until midnight tonight to reach a new labor agreement. if no deal is struck, owners are threatening to lock out the players. worst-case scenario the 2011 professional football season could be cancelled.
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billions of dollars lost. 49ers coach jim harbaugh still clinging to hope. he has gone ahead and scheduled spring and summer practices already. the owners want more money? they want the players to play more games, as well. so we'll see what happens there. 4:46. the u.s. postal service won't be able to pay its bills unless congress steps in to fix the business model. that's the word from the postmaste general. he says it's no longer self financed. the postal service plans to make $2 billion in cuts this year on top of $3 billion in cuts last year. email really taking a big slice out of the post office business. >> it's killing them. but it's biggest bargain ever. you put a 44-cent stamp on something and before now it, it's in new york city a couple days later. so you have to think about that. >> i like my post office. >> i do, too. san jose -- san jose, hate to tell you, but you're one of the rudest cities in the world.
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>> that's based on information from the website four square. at the top of the list, don't go to manchester, england, apparently, followed by el paso, then pittsburgh, san jose number 11. the rude he was were those who used curse words in their check- in tips. those are recommendations from four square users who have visited a location and wished to post a little advice for other folks. so you know... i don't know. i wouldn't go that way. >> no. hey, time is 4:47. the u.s. sends a serious message to soldiers accused of helping wikileaks. coming up. >> and could your office chair be killing you? why even a sculpted six-pack may not be enough to help your health. >> oreo? >> yes. >> artery clogging goodness. the fried food haven opens up in the unlikeliest of bay area cities. we'll tell you where when we come back.
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lost... trying
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find earthquake survivors in new zealand. welcome back. it's 4:49. new this morning, all hope appears to be lost trying to find earthquake survivors in new zealand. authorities say there is no chance of finding anyone following last week's devastating quake. the operation has now moved more into recovery. rescuers have pulled 161 bodies from the rubble but more than 200 are still listed as missing. the army private accused of helping wikileaks could face the death penalty or life in jail. the army filed 22 new charges against private first class bradley manning yesterday. investigators say he gave thousands of classified documents to the antisecrecy group. the 23-year-old is currently being held at a marine base in virginia. court of hearings should begin in may or june. prosecutors, however, say they will not recommend the death penalty. 14 democrats in the
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wisconsin state senate losing money as they stay away from the state capital. senate republicans have voted to fine the democrats $100 a day while they are out. and they also took away their parking spaces, that will get them, and photocopying writes from the democrats staff members. today a judge in wisconsin is expected to decide whether to keep the statehouse open to the public during the standoff over union rights. yeah, you lose those parking spaces, that is a game changer! [ laughter ] >> hey, folks, if you are headed out today. we are seeing some showers outside. most of that just some scattered light stuff. let's take new for a closer look along the peninsula as we zoom way in you see burlingame here. they are seeing some light showers here, maybe sliding into parts of san mateo as we head in toward the next few minutes. so this is what we are going to see throughout the day. some light scattered showers showing up not a real rainout, not a washout around the bay area but got plenty of cloud and we'll see sunny breaks in between but heading out this morning, plan on a couple of
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showers, too. toward the afternoon, partly cloudy skies, a few more breaks of sunshine. temperatures not all that bad. 50s and low 60s toward the afternoon. not a complete washout around the bay area today but we have the moist low moving in off the pacific here all that moisture surging in along the coastline so occasionally those clouds roll on by and we get a couple of raindrops so going to keep things unsettled for today. but then after that we may catch a little bit of a break as a weak ridge sneaks into the bay area ever so briefly. temperatures today plan on about 61 degrees los gatos, 62 cupertino, about 61 in redwood city. a few light showers. east bay numbers running up mainly into the 50s and also the 60s by the afternoon. and our friends in the north bay also going to see temperatures up in the 50s and a few 60s, as well. looking out over the next couple of days, yup, taking a closer look at the weekend, it looks like we'll dry things out for friday. i think late in the day on saturday, another storm system moves in. the main focus will be north of the golden gate to begin with
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but overnight saturday night into sunday that will drop further south rain likely around the rest of the bay area sunday, showers continuing on monday. all right. let's get a check of traffic with elizabeth. >> talking candy with your weather producer billy. he has a sweet tooth lately. look at this. we have handfuls. we show this. every day he is offering me handfuls of candy. bad influence! [ laughter ] >> this is a live look at traffic at san mateo near the poplar avenue exit. nothing going on along the peninsula, quiet start to the morning commute. i guess it's a little sprinkly out there but maybe windshield wipers needed in some spots but no problems on the roads. let's look at the south bay and show you 280, 101, the guadalupe parkway, everything mostly showing top speeds this morning. and coming out of downtown san jose, you can make out a few headlights there approaching the 880 interchange. but a pretty quick ride up along the peninsula. there is a sharks game later on tonight. did i spot this over at hp pa -- i did spot this over at the
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hp pavilion playing colorado at 7:30 so maybe some delays this evening. 101 smooth, quick trip towards burlingame if you have a flight to catch by sfo. san mateo bridge, a quick little bridge check, san mateo bridge you're fine, starting to get busier now in the westbound lanes of 92 in the community direction but so far, so good. and the silicon valley drive westbound 237 problem-freeas well towards san jose. drive times, the post popular spots around this time of the morning, eastshore freeway westbound 80, 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. westbound 580 still looking good at 13 minutes coming out of the altamont pass towards 680 and pleasanton. and 880 the nimitz freeway, no problems this morning as you zip past the coliseum. looks quiet towards oakland. and again, remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9- fm. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 4:54.
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is your office chair killing you? yes, mine is killing me. i know that. this chair hurts. >> it's the worst. >> might be new evidence shows the more hours a day you sit the more likely you are to diane early death. and it really doesn't -- you are to die an early death. it doesn't matter how much exercise you do. the amount of time you sit and the amount of time you exercise are separate factors for heart disease risk. it has nothing to do with the fact that we get up at 2 a.m. i need longer legs so i can prop up my legs but that's another story. it is 4:55. now, we'll tell you about the pr stunts all the time, restaurants that come up with dish packed with more fat and calories than most people can eat in a day. >> one new bay area spot made that type fare a specialty but mike sugerman reports what's most surprising is where the restaurant has set up shop. >> reporter: in nuke hating
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solar loving bike riding community gardening berkeley a new restaurant is cooking up what some might consider forbidden food. fried cheese pizza. >> only here at sumo grub. >> reporter: the chef won't leave your cholesterol level lacking. not enough artery clogging elements in your mac and cheese? straighten up and fry right at this greasiest of greas spoons. so they sent the guy with the heart condition to tell you about it. >> it' appealing. >> reporter: it opened in october and it's been cooking ever since. >> oreo? >> yes. >> reporter: the food channel just finished shooting a show here spotlighting among other things the $45 six feet under challenge. it fries just about everything in the restaurant. >> i'm taking fast food to another level to a tastier
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level to a -- a, uhm, asian concoction level. >> reporter: he has been in the restaurant business all his life and hope he hit a winner. everything is fried in soybean oil, not as heavy as you might expect and there is vegan and gluten-free items on the menu as well but it's the fried stuff getting all the attention. just like mom made it in japan. >> reporter: it's not a meal would you want to make a habit of eating. >> what's the calorie in that? >> if you come for fried dessert you don't think about the calories that go into it. >> reporter: good point. so don't ask for a diet soda to wash it down. it's not served here. if they did they would fry it. with artery clogging in berkeley, mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> now makes me want to try it at least once. >> that gal was right. if you are going deep, go deep. don't think about it. enjoy. >> exactly. 4:57. he spread hate in the bay area. now the leader of a skinhead group has been murdered. the tv episode that put that
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group in the national spotlight. and protestors upset about the cost of a college education are in jail this morning expected to be in court later on today. we'll tell you what happened coming up next. and day 3 of the investigation into the san bruno pipeline explosion. the shocking information firefighters did not know until the explosion happened. ,,
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